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Mol startup error

I have been trying to get mol running on my Tibook w/Panther, and when I attempt to startmol 
-X, the screen goes screwy and I get this error message: 
   <No SCSI Devices> 
    CD   /dev/cdrom       CD-ROM         <read-only>   ------ 
----> /dev/hda9 might be a boot-strap partition. 
    HFS+ /dev/hda12       Mac OSX        <rw> 40959 MB 
No volumes found in '/dev/hdb' 
No volumes found in '/dev/sda' 
No volumes found in '/dev/sdb' 
Can't read Elf32 image header 
Fatal error: drivers/bootx is not an ELF image 
cleaning up... 
Terminating threads... 
How do I get mol running (This is all I need before I can finally start default booting into 

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