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Re: partitioning and booting

On   1 Mar, this message from Albert Cahalan echoed through cyberspace:
>> This is _not_ MS-DOS. There is a place in the partition map that
>> contains total disk size (maybe repeated in every partition entry,
>> not sure), but that's it.
> So this looks like a bad idea. I'd have to write
> a tool to update the partition size or hack it
> with some very careful dd commands.

I've done it for a rescue CD I hacked together based on an existing
MacOS Rescue CD for my OldWorld. Apple's CD was too small (300MB) for
the task :-)

>> For instance, what you can do is recreate a new partition map in the
>> layout that you want, then dd data from old to new. If new partition
>> matches size of old one, you're done. If new is larger, extend with
>> apropriate tool. Mac partition tables permit to adjust the size down
>> to a single block of granularity, which is important when recreating
>> same size partitions on a larger disk.
> For the MacOS 9.1 driver partitions... same thing?
> I can just copy them over to a different-sized disk?

As Brad explained, apparently not. But I'd expect that if you create a
new partition map, and 'merge' old and new, keeping driver partitions at
the same place, then that should be OK. Or create the new partition map
with a tool like Apple's HD-SC Setup (the patched one), or the Micronet
utility, to name those I remember. Although, that would probably mean
running your old disk for some time....



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