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Re: partitioning and booting

On Mon, Mar 01, 2004 at 04:04:53PM -0500, Albert Cahalan wrote:
> For the MacOS 9.1 driver partitions... same thing?
> I can just copy them over to a different-sized disk?

The driver partitions aren't so simple. The actual data in the
partitions should work fine after the copy, but you would have
to make sure the information in the partition table will still
accurately reflect what drivers are on the disk. Apple has most
of this stuff documented, since they support third-party disk
drivers. I looked into this stuff to see how hard it would be to
create a bootable CD-ROM for an oldworld Mac. The problem is that
mac-fdisk only expects to handle regular data partitions, and
doesn't let you specify some of the extra fields that are only
useful for driver partitions.

	Brad Boyer

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