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Re: Fwd: Re: Airport Extreme Linux support [was: Apple iBook G4 & GNU/Linux (Debian) compatibility?]

On Sun, Feb 22, 2004 at 07:08:14PM +0100, Le Sensei... wrote:
> I had just thought about that yesterday too !
> Having the airport extreme card used by macosx under mol and using the mol 
> machine as a gateway could probably be done. One would probably have to code 
> some bits to let macosx see the airport card through mol though, because for 
> the moment, macosx doesn't see the airport card.
> On the same subject but on another front, the broadcom chipset used by apple 
> for the airport extreme is also used in the Linksys WAP54G wifi access point 
> ... which runs under linux. This of course means there is a kernel module that 
> drives the chip, and thus that either Linksys or Broadcom have code some 
> driver for it. It makes me angry to think they would have gone that far and 
> stopped there without considering their customers who care about running linux 
> on their apple hardware.

If that is indeed true, it would be enough for someone to buy said
Linksys wifi access point, and then ask for the full kernel sources you
are legally entitled too by the GPL. 


Sven Luther

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