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Xfree86 from unstable

Hello !

I have tried the XFree86  4.3.0-2 from unstable with  my iBook 700. It
works fine until   I tried  some dual head   setup.  First, it  clones
automagically the display, but the chosen frequency is very low and my
external LCD screen  displays a distorted  image.  The console is then
cloned  too, with the  same distortion.  If I try   to get dual  head,
either 1024x768 or 1280x1024 with my working setup,  I get a yellowish

Michel, do  you know the  bits from your  X server that will make dual
head work ? Is it possible to push them in mainstream XFree (or in the
unstable branch of Debian) ?

Moreover, what  is  the position of  the dri-trunk  ?  It is versioned
4.3.99. Does this mean that it is more 4.4 than 4.3 ? Or the dri-trunk
branch is not really related to the mainstream branch ?
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