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Re: Keyboard backlight support in the near future?

On 22 Jan 2004 at 17h01, Michael Schmitz wrote:


> Sure, that's understood. You have to be careful to not let it go to sleep
> (hacking an -EBUSY return code in the sleep ioctl code for your kernel,
> for instance).

Well I tried that (works correctly: nothing happens on `snooze -f` except 
a "Devices rejected sleep" log from the kernel).

> With CAN_SLEEP added, does pmud start OK now?? (you could still use it for
> pwrctl-based power management, and just shut down on battery low).

Nope, still the same error.
Strace relevant bit:
fcntl64(5, F_GETFL)                     = 0x2 (flags O_RDWR)

Which made me read the code and fcntl's manpage, in which I found your calls were looking strange... (It says, amongst other things:

       int fcntl(int fd, int cmd);
       int fcntl(int fd, int cmd, long arg);

F_GETFL Read the file descriptor's flags.
F_SETFL Set the file status flags part of the descriptor's flags to  the
        value  specified by arg.  

       F_GETFL  Value of flags.

The attached patch makes pmud function again for me (tested with -d and with Batmon).
Could this be due to some changes in fcntl's lib (glibc i guess) ?

--- pmud.orig	2004-01-22 21:49:48.351629584 +0100
+++ pmud.c	2004-01-22 21:53:45.464582936 +0100
@@ -360,10 +360,10 @@
 	chk(pmu_fd < 0, "Couldn't open " PMU_FILE " or " PMU_DEVFS_FILE);
-	chk(fcntl(pmu_fd, F_GETFL, &fl) < 0, "fcntl(F_GETFL)");
+	chk( (fl = fcntl(pmu_fd, F_GETFL)) < 0, "fcntl(F_GETFL)");
 	fl |= O_NONBLOCK;
-	chk(fcntl(pmu_fd, F_SETFL, &fl) < 0, "fcntl(F_SETFL)");
+	chk(fcntl(pmu_fd, F_SETFL, fl) < 0, "fcntl(F_SETFL)");
 	add_fd(pmu_fd, POLLIN, pmu_intr, NULL);
@@ -1194,10 +1194,10 @@
 	struct sockstate *ss;
 	fe = accept(fd, NULL, 0);
-	chk(fcntl(fe, F_GETFL, &fl) < 0, "fcntl(F_GETFL)");
+	chk((fl =fcntl(fe, F_GETFL)) < 0, "fcntl(F_GETFL)");
 	fl |= O_NONBLOCK;
-	chk(fcntl(fe, F_SETFL, &fl) < 0, "fcntl(F_SETFL)");
+	chk(fcntl(fe, F_SETFL, fl) < 0, "fcntl(F_SETFL)");
 	ss = malloc(sizeof(*ss));
 	if (ss == 0) 

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