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Re: Alsa, once again...

On Fri, 2004-01-16 at 11:04, Lucas Moulin wrote:
> Yeah, I figured that out right after I sent my mail :) Having
> alsaplayer-alsa is a bit stupid, since I expected alsaplayer to output
> with... alsa. Nevermind. 

daenzer@thor|13:50:01> apt-cache show alsaplayer | grep Depends
Depends: alsaplayer-gtk | alsaplayer-interface, alsaplayer-oss |
alsaplayer-output, alsaplayer-common

File a bug if yo think it should default to -alsa.

> So I installed it, and now everything I play is just noise...


> >Alsa still seems to have a couple of problems here (like when changing
> >the volume the internal speakers turn on although a headphone is plugged
> >in, 

How do you change the volume? The Spkr mixer allows turning on the
external output even when something is plugged in, which I tend to
consider a bug (I've embarrassed myself on a train too many times
already...), but I'm sure some people think it's a feature...

> >alsa-player/mplayer when really playing in alsa mode just give distorted 
> >sounds)
> I no longer have this problem (funny) but I can't change the main
> volume, so it's not really an improvement ;)

How do you load the ALSA drivers? Does

/etc/init.d/alsa restart


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