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Re: Kernel 2.4.18-powerpc using BootX

Dang, hit reply instead of reply to list - sorry about the private mail Brad.

> On Wed, Jan 14, 2004 at 06:46:40PM -0500, Rick Thomas wrote:
> > I've replaced the original SCSI CD-ROM drive (2-x speed) with a SCSI
> > CD-R/W drive (32-x speed) [[Aside: The MacOS9 CD driver won't talk to
> > this CD-R/W drive for some reason, so I have to use the Roxio Toast CD
> > driver -- which is OK, since I need it anyway if I'm going to use the
> > "writer" features of the drive!]]
> The classic SCSI CD-ROM driver from Apple has a list of supported
> drives. It refuses to recognize anything not in the list. At one
> point, someone hacked the driver to reverse the comparison, so only
> drives which were not in the list were supported. You may be able
> to find that online somewhere. 

Should be at http://www.resexcellence.com/hack_html_99/12-21-98.shtml - Samuel 
Rydh (of MOL fame) has also written a couple apps based on this hack to 
modify the drivers automagically.  If you have a current MOL installed 
they're in the MOL disk image (moldisk.dmg), if you don't have MOL I haven't 
a clue - quick google didn't turn anything up.  I shouldn't think there would 
be a problem redistributing them, though, they're bundled with MOL and don't 
seem to have any given licence attached to them directly. (Correct me if I'm 
wrong, anybody.)

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thinking that created them. - Albert Einstein

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