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Re: Kernel 2.4.18-powerpc using BooxX

On  14 Jan, this message from Rick Thomas echoed through cyberspace:
> When it asked if I wanted to setup to boot from this kernel, it
> warned about not being able to boot other OSes, so I assumed it
> was going to do yaboot stuff, and told it "no" -- figuring I'd do
> the BootX version of that manually later.

I don't kow what went wrong for you, but it's clear that yabot does you
no good. The 6500 is an OldWorld PowerMac, and that class of machines is
not supported by yaboot.

The only alternative to BootX would be quik, but that beast is a hassle
to set up (due largely to the brokeness of the firmware on OldWorld



PS How do you boot that machine from an IDE disk? An additional IDE PCI

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