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Re: Kernel 2.4.18-powerpc using BootX

On Wed, Jan 14, 2004 at 06:46:40PM -0500, Rick Thomas wrote:
> I've replaced the original SCSI CD-ROM drive (2-x speed) with a SCSI
> CD-R/W drive (32-x speed) [[Aside: The MacOS9 CD driver won't talk to
> this CD-R/W drive for some reason, so I have to use the Roxio Toast CD
> driver -- which is OK, since I need it anyway if I'm going to use the
> "writer" features of the drive!]]

The classic SCSI CD-ROM driver from Apple has a list of supported
drives. It refuses to recognize anything not in the list. At one
point, someone hacked the driver to reverse the comparison, so only
drives which were not in the list were supported. You may be able
to find that online somewhere. Note that Apple didn't put anything
like this in the IDE CD-ROM driver, so any old ATAPI drive should
work fairly well (within some limits, I'm sure). Of course, you
can't always just stick in another IDE drive, since Apple crippled
a lot of their old IDE controllers to only handle a single drive.

	Brad Boyer

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