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Re: AirportExtreme on albook G4 15"

* Brad Boyer (flar@allandria.com) wrote:
> No, there is no model that can use both the Apple Airport and the
> Apple Airport Extreme cards. However, PowerBooks with PCMCIA can
> use the old Lucent WaveLan Silver card which is the original card
> that was the basis of the original Airport. There are several
> names that Lucent used for their PCMCIA cards, but make sure you
> only try the 802.11b cards, since the 802.11g ones use a different
> chipset. There are other 802.11b PCMCIA cards that have Linux
> drivers that should work fine once you get the PCMCIA stuff working.

Ah. I'm quite happily using my linksys wpc11 in the PCMCIA slot.
Works fine other than the kernel oopsing when I eject the card :)

Too bad, onboard would be nice.

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