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Debian-installer powerpc status and beta2.


I just got a report from Jeremie Koenig which was able to boot
debian-installer using a -powerpc-small kernel (we needed to add the
input core and the keyboard support as builtin, not modules).

He will probably do a full install report on debian-boot later on, but
this means that it could well be possible that we have support for the
beta2 branch on the following tested beta2 arches :

  - new world pmac (there already).
  - old world pmac (depending on how the tests go). This one would need
    some adaptations in the build stuff to build powerpc-small initrd
    and the floppy target, as well as the miboot stuff.
  - chrp/pegasos (mostly there, need builtin initrd, and only netboot
    initrd working for now).

Subarches that may work, but where nobody tested are :

  - chrp and chrp/rs6k.
  - prep

Subarches that will not be beta2 ready :

  - apus (no idea if some work was done here, probably similar state to
  - 32bit power3 and power4 based boxes.
  - ppc64.

So, Joey, if it is ok with you, powerpc may probably be ready for the
beta2 before this weekend, and if beta2 images and CDs can be built on
saturday, this would mean one last round of testing on sunday, and a
beta2 powerpc release on sunday evening.

What do you all think about this ? 


Sven Luther

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