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Re: Debian or Gentoo?

Quoth Colin Leroy <colin@colino.net>:
>>So you don't spend days compiling stuff anytime you want to upgrade a·
>>package? :-)
> I installed Gentoo on my iBook G4, because it was much more up-to-date
> than Debian three monthes ago - the stable Debian release wouldn't
> even
> install due to the HD being on hdc...

The HD is on hda, at least with my iBook. I think the problem you ran 
into was that Woody's kernel doesn't contain ATA-100 support so it 
doesn't recognize the HD.

> I'm quite happy with it and noticed that emerging packages, even if it
> takes some time, is not a big problem once the system is installed.
> I just "emerge xyz &>log &" :)

I've installed Gentoo on the iBook just to see how well Linux runs on it
and was happy to see that it works quite well. XFree86 4.4 RC2 supports
iBook's graphics chip (after a few hours of compiling). So I thought I
might as well have a look at KDE 3.2beta2, which also looks quite fine
BTW (after _many_ hours of compiling just for kdelibs & kdebase).

But as soon as d-i works for me I'll install Debian, mainly because I 
don't want to compile big packages like these. And because of 
etc-update. I just don't get the joke. Or do Gentoo developers really 
expect me to merge configuration files by hand? Even if I changed 
nothing in the file?

Bye, Michael

For a moment, nothing happened.
Then, after a second or so, nothing continued to happen.
        -- Douglas Adams, "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy"

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