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Debian or Gentoo?


Sorry if this begins a flamewar, but some friends of mine are using Gentoo
on their iBooks G4, and they have recommended me to use Gentoo instead of
Debian for my iBook G4.
Despite Gentoo famous emerge system to compile packages, they say that
Gentoo has XFree 4.4 and altivec support for the G4 iBooks that Debian
doesn't have. Is that true?
I've been using Debian for some years in my x86, and some kind of Debian
on my iPAQs, so I am a happy Debian user; but they have semi-convinced me
about Gentoo.
Why should I use Debian on my G4?

Thanks and best regards,
J.Manrique López  de la Fuente        (o-  /
Jabber: jsmanrique@jabber.org         //\-/
http://www.asturlinux.org/~jsmanrique V_/_

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