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Re: Debian or Gentoo?


>> I've been using Debian for some years in my x86, and some kind of 
>> Debian on my iPAQs, so I am a happy Debian user; but they have 
>> semi-convinced me about Gentoo.
>> Why should I use Debian on my G4?
>So you don't spend days compiling stuff anytime you want to upgrade a 
>package? :-)

I installed Gentoo on my iBook G4, because it was much more up-to-date
than Debian three monthes ago - the stable Debian release wouldn't even
install due to the HD being on hdc...
I'm quite happy with it and noticed that emerging packages, even if it
takes some time, is not a big problem once the system is installed.
I just "emerge xyz &>log &" :)

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