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Re: Debian or Gentoo?

On Wed, 2004-01-07 at 01:18, J.Manrique Lopez de la Fuente wrote:
> Despite Gentoo famous emerge system to compile packages, they say that
> Gentoo has XFree 4.4 and altivec support for the G4 iBooks that Debian
> doesn't have. Is that true?

About XFree86 4.4:

      * It hasn't been released yet, so it's indeed quite a stunt for
        Gentoo to have it already ;)
      * It's true that there likely won't be official Debian packages of
        it for a while (4.3 isn't even in sid yet...)
      * That doesn't matter much in practice though, as the hardware is
        supported by my and other unofficial packages

About Altivec, the packages where it really makes a difference tend to
be built with support for it if available.

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