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Re: Debian or Gentoo?

On Wed, Jan 07, 2004 at 01:18:06AM +0100, J.Manrique Lopez de la Fuente wrote:
> Hello,
> Sorry if this begins a flamewar, but some friends of mine are using Gentoo
> on their iBooks G4, and they have recommended me to use Gentoo instead of
> Debian for my iBook G4.
> Despite Gentoo famous emerge system to compile packages, they say that
> Gentoo has XFree 4.4 and altivec support for the G4 iBooks that Debian

There is no such thing as XFree86 4.4.0, unless it was released
overnight, which i seriously doubt it was.

> doesn't have. Is that true?
> I've been using Debian for some years in my x86, and some kind of Debian
> on my iPAQs, so I am a happy Debian user; but they have semi-convinced me
> about Gentoo.
> Why should I use Debian on my G4?

To save the polar bears ?

(the idea being that recompiling everything is a waste of power and
dissipates heat, thus contributing to the global warming :))


Sven Luther

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