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Re: TiBook adventures

> It is hard to describe how the screen looks like but:
> It looks like the framebuffer isn't sent by the ramdac in a linear 
> fashion. The screen gets
> divided into tiles of the 32x32 pixels or something. If a small window 
> (xlogo) is placed in
> the top left corner I see parts of the window scattered all the way to 
> right hand side of
> the screen.
> The cursor is drawn ok though but I guess it is because it's a hardware 
> cursor.
> If I look at the monitor before starting X I see some text from the 
> kernel boot. It looks
> like the text the kernel prints just as it starts booting (initializing 
> radeondb). This is
> displayed without the "effect" I tried to describe above.

Hrm... looks like surface tiling, which is weird, as radeonfb (at least
recent ones) will clear that at boot.... But maybe there's a bit somewhere
that enables it specifically for the second head that that we fail to clear
properly. I'll investigate.


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