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Re: Debian on iBook G4 status

Luis Sanjuan wrote:
You can try the "Modo experto" solution in the address you have cited or,
maybe, build your own debian-installer CD-image (net access is needed in both cases).

Instructions on building debian-installer CD image (mini-ISO) for powerpc can be found here:

I'm writing as well a document about Debian installation on PowerBook G4 alu
this might help you than:
http://www.gnome-de.org/~herzi/pbook-g4-2003.html by Sven Herzberg
(work in progress and at the moment only in spanish). I've followed the last method to install it. (Document devided in four sections):

Suerte, y al toro :)
On Sun, Jan 04, 2004 at 08:23:00PM +0100, J.Manrique Lopez de la Fuente wrote:

Answering myself:

Perhaps it works! Dowloading now.

Sad news, modules are missing! :-/

Am I doing something wrong? I am following these steps:

Thanks and best regards,

J.Manrique López  de la Fuente        (o-  /
Jabber: jsmanrique@jabber.org         //\-/
http://www.asturlinux.org/~jsmanrique V_/_

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