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Re: Source for deb packages?

On Tue, 16 Dec 2003 20:36:36 +0100
Gabriele / randall / Modena <flagg275@icqmail.com> wrote:

> * Once upon a time Harvey Ussery wrote:
> > I installed DebPPC(Woody) last month; then learned I was not going to
> > be able to run X with an nVidia card unless I had XFree86 4.3x (not 
> > available on the install CD's). 
> There are no xfree 4.3 packages in the official stable release (not even
> in sid), you have to use a backport or compile it from sources.
> You can look for an unofficial repository on www.apt-get.org
> > I cannot download the "official" deb packages until their 
> > problems are resolved.
> I just dist-upgraded to sid and got no problems downloading the packages
> from an official source (http.us.debian.org).

Hi, I put this line in my sources.list in order to get 4.3 on my PowerBook

# X Strike Force Experimental XFree86 Debian Packages
deb http://ftp.fr.debian.org/debian ../project/experimental main

but had to turn to SID in order to get the dependencies. Actually, it may
have worked with Sarge (dunno) but I thought about it too late :(

I turned back to Sarge after I got X working. I know it is probably not
the best solution but I was a bit in a hurry and did not want to stay in
SID for long. I think I can expect to have a 'pure' Sarge install in a few

I still have these lines in my sources.list (but with a sarge source for
the other parts) and it's up. Can't really say whether the packages are
actually there (I can't get xlibs-dev 4.3 for now, only 4.2 though I found
it in the packages description on the server) but I had problems figuring
out how to put an EXPERIMENTAL line in my sources.list at the very
beginning, perhaps you're in a similar situation...


  Olivier Crouzet
  acoustique, acquisition, interprétation - JE 2220
  Département de Sciences du Langage
  UFR Lettres et Langages
  Université de Nantes

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