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Re: Source for deb packages?

* Once upon a time Harvey Ussery wrote:
> I installed DebPPC(Woody) last month; then learned I was not going to be 
> able to run X with an nVidia card unless I had XFree86 4.3x (not 
> available on the install CD's). 

There are no xfree 4.3 packages in the official stable release (not even in sid), you have to use a backport or compile it from sources.

You can look for an unofficial repository on www.apt-get.org

> I cannot download the "official" deb packages until their 
> problems are resolved.

I just dist-upgraded to sid and got no problems downloading the packages 
from an official source (http.us.debian.org).

AFAIK the sites that are hosting the packages have not been compromised.

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