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Source for deb packages?

I installed DebPPC(Woody) last month; then learned I was not going to be able to run X with an nVidia card unless I had XFree86 4.3x (not available on the install CD's). But then came the problem with the Debian servers--so (if I understand the problem correctly) I cannot download the "official" deb packages until their problems are resolved.

But it's been almost a month now that I've been patiently waiting--can't get X up & running until I can get 4.3 installed. And I'm wondering: Am I correct, that the deb pkgs for xfree86 4.3.x are just not available now? Aren't they available on mirror sites that weren't compromised? Do I have to keep waiting, or there alternative sources? I would like to stick with deb packages, to make sure that they are perfectly compatible with my Debian install.

Clarification greatly appreciated.    --Harvey

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