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Re: [LONG] new 15

On Wed, Dec 17, 2003 at 10:37:40AM +0000, Wright G. wrote:
> > >> to work. 3D accel didn't work (as expected) and I got about 120fps in glxgears 
> > iirc...
> > 
> > 114 for me  :-p
> Any idea of dri.sourceforge.net have any drivers yet for the 9600?

No chance, until ATI gives out specs, and then it will probably be many
month before the driver is ready.

I still think we should count ourselves, so ATI has an idea how many
linux/ppc users would like to use their faster graphic cards. Not that
it would help much in them giving the specs out, but it would maybe
encourage them to do a powerpc build of their proprietary drivers.

Sven Luther

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