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Re: DVD Playing on iBook 2.2

OoO En cette matinée ensoleillée du lundi 15 décembre 2003, vers
09:00, "Pisupati, Ajay" <ajay.pisupati@pw.utc.com> disait:

> 	There might have been a similar question asked before on this list,
> but I am not sure.  so, here's my situation:
> I have an ibook 2.2 800MHz with 256MB ram.   I am running a 2.4.20-benh
> kernel.  No ALSA yet.  Using Xine (also tried ogle) to play the DVDs.  The
> DVDs are playing, but they are quite choppy.  Not so much that it is
> unwatchable, but enough so that it is irritating.   I have DMA enabled on
> the drive.   I am looking for any suggestions that will help me get a smooth
> playback.  

First, use ALSA (and its OSS emulation). Here, with a 700 MHz iBook,
DVD playback is almost fine : sound is OK and the image seems to jump
every minute but it is hardly noticeable. I think that you should get
a smooth playback with the additional 100 MHz.

And make sure you really enable the DMA : echo using_dma:1 >
/proc/ide/hdb/settings, sometimes it is disabled without any
reason. Keep Xine, it is the best for DVD. For DivX, use mplayer.

Remove your .xine, default settings are fine.
What X server do you use ?
printk("What? oldfid != cii->c_fid. Call 911.\n");
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