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Re: iBook (G3) with 2.6 howto

Le lun 15/12/2003 à 20:01, Joe Malik a écrit :

> I'm using the oss-emulation of alsa as native alsa (with mplayer) doesn't
> work here either; you might wanna give it a shot. 

Do you start the alsa server as well, or do you just use the alsa (oss
enabled) modules ?

> mute speaker issue: when you plug in the headphones the speakers are
> muted, to adjust the volume use alsamixer and not pbbuttonsd as this
> reactivates the speakers (assuming the speakers initially get muted).

Actually, it's really weird : I plug the headphones, and both (speakers
and HP) are set to a very low (and wrong) volume, and the right volume
comes back when I change the level using alsamixer or the gnome

Lucas Moulin <lucas@lautre.net>

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