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Re: iBook (G3) with 2.6 howto

Le dim 14/12/2003 à 19:46, Joe Malik a écrit :
> Hello everybody,
> I recently switched from 2.4 to 2.6 with my iBook G3 and documented
> what changes I needed in order to get 2.6 running. It's not really
> a howto but a short outline of the relevant differences between
> 2.4. and 2.6 (howto seemed suitable for the subject).
>  http://www.daniel-zimmermann.com/joe/ibook/ibook-2.6.html
> Hoping this will be useful to someone,
> Joe

I got the same iBook in 12" and your page describes exactly what I had
to do to run 2.6 :) The only difference is that I built usb in the
kernel, and that cpudyn works for me (I've enabled /proc/cpufreq
compatibility, but it's supposed to work without it).

Great resource for those who want to switch to the latest kernel and
haven't yet :)

Lucas Moulin <lucas@lautre.net>

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