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Re: 12" PB less supported than 15", 17" ?

> Is this the only obstacle to sleep?  Is it possible to put the rest of
> the machine to sleep while leaving the graphics chip active?

No, we have no control on what happens to the graphics chip. It's
shutdown by the PMU. When we wakeup, if the gfx chip is dead, there's
nothing much we can do.

> > However, I do plan at one point in the future to implement suspend-to
> > disk for all PowerMacs, that would be a good fallback solution for
> > machines that don't have sleep support.
> >
> > I don't know when I'll have this done though, I hope not too far away
> > from now, maybe a couple of monthes.
> Is sleep support for aluminum Powerbooks closer than that?

For ATI based, there is hope that they provide us with the necessary
tables & code bits to do the chip bringup on wakeup, though it's not
100% sure and it takes time (they provided the code for waking up the
chip on earlier laptops, though that took about 6 monthes, but they
did it in the end).


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