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Kernel 2.6 and ide-scsi dependent stuff

Hi all,

after 6 months of using the 2.4.x kernel on my iBook G3 (@900, Radeon
M7), I was thinking of moving to the 2.6 branch.

My question is about the combo drive I got. With Linux 2.4, I have to
have ide-scsi as a module, and I need that too to access my digital
camera (which is a usb-storage device). I was wondering if there was a
special thing to do to get these things working in 2.6 or if they do
work out of the box.

I also read that alsa and drm work fine, but is there anything I should
pay attention to particularly ?

Thanks a lot for your help.
Lucas Moulin <lucas@lautre.net>

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