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[LONG] new 15" powerbooks and XFree : success

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Just for say I now can use XFree on my new powerbook (SD / 1,25GHz)  :-)

Debian unstable (sid), of course. But why doesn't XFree work ?
It was simply my fault : the rsync tree I was using wasn't the good one...after an incomplete command, like above, I was able to find the solution :

eric@alube:~$ rsync -avz --delete source.mvista.com::
mol            	Mac-On-Linux Source
libmol         	Binary MOL Support Files
yaboot         	Ethan's Yaboot Devel Tree
yaboot-benh    	BenH's Experimental Yaboot Tree
linuxppc_2_4   	LinuxPPC 2.4 BitKeeper tree, stable branch
linuxppc-2.4   	"LinuxPPC branch of the official 2.4 BitKeeper tree"
linuxppc_2_4_benh	Ben's 2.4 Tree (aka, the PowerMac tree)
linuxppc_2_4_devel	LinuxPPC 2.4 BitKeeper tree, development branch
linuxppc-2.5   	LinuxPPC 2.5 tree, based on Linus' BitKeeper tree
linuxppc-2.5-benh Ben's 2.5 / 2.6 tree, based on the LinuxPPC 2.5 / 2.6 tree.

And before I see my error I was using the linuxppx-2.5 tree, while the good one was the linuxppx-2.5-benh :-/ I found this inspecting the .config from Michel Dänzer, because I couldn't set CONFIG_FB_RADEON_I2C.
Thank you Michel.

FYI, all the modelines I've placed in my /etc/X11XF86Config-4 seems to work. For example, I can test

1280x960 (85Hz, 75Hz and 60Hz), 1152x864 (100Hz, 60,01Hz),1024x768 (74,77Hz). All the value are given by xvitune.

Iv'e tested 800x600 (144,53 Hz !!), 640x512, 640x400 and a lot of not really usable modelines, all with success.
For the fun, glxgears give me nearly 100 FPS :-)

The only problem I've is a black stripe (lost area) in the bottom
of the screen for 2 or 3 modelines.

What can work for now ?

- DVD are working perfectly in *fullscreen* with Xine
(but not tested DVDrecording )

- Audio CD's are working too (with xine -H). External HP work too.
(Not tested Audio-in)

- USB is working perfectly : usb mouse (Logitech V : 0x046d P : 0xc001).

USB wifi-gadget MA111 from NetGear don't work with 2.6.0testxx, but works perfectly (excepted WEP) with 2.4.2x. So it's not an hardware problem, but a driver problem.

No tested so-called USB2, because I've not such hardware. But EHCI Host controller appears with a correct description with usbview.

I've seen an unknown Device :

Vendor Id : 0x05ac (Apple Computer :-) )
Pruduct Id : 0x8203 [ unknown ]

(if this can help someone, I've others informations about this)

- Internal Ethernet is working perfectly too.

The screen luminosity (F1, F2) and the sounds buttons (F3 F4 F5) are working too. The eject button don't work for now.

What "can, but not sure" work :

Bluetooth, PCMCIA, IEEE1394.

lsmod give :

eric@alube:~$ /sbin/lsmod
Module                  Size  Used by
atmel_cs                8836  0
atmel                  43396  1 atmel_cs
firmware_class          7872  1 atmel
bnep                   16832  0
l2cap                  25060  3 bnep
bluetooth              54460  4 bnep,l2cap
ds                     14436  3 atmel_cs
yenta_socket           16320  1
pcmcia_core            78040  3 atmel_cs,ds,yenta_socket
evdev                   9440  3
ehci_hcd               26052  0
raw1394                26860  0
sbp2                   24624  0
ohci1394               36936  0
ieee1394              301208  3 raw1394,sbp2,ohci1394
st                     38328  0
sr_mod                 19300  0
sg                     35644  0
sd_mod                 16512  0
dmasound_pmac          85240  2
dmasound_core          19884  3 dmasound_pmac
soundcore               8192  3 dmasound_core
uninorth_agp            6816  1
agpgart                33100  1 uninorth_agp
radeon                132172  0
sungem                 32772  0
sungem_phy              9600  1 sungem

PCMCIA card :

Belkin F5D6020 ver. 2 with ATMEL AT76C502A chipset (I'm sure : I've open it :p ). So I've decided to use the atmel_cs kernel module, new in the 2.6.x. Am'I wrong somewhere?

alube:/home/eric# dump_cis
Socket 0:
    fn_specific 250ns, 2kb
  manfid 0x01bf, 0x3302
  funcid network_adapter
  vers_1 5.0, "Belkin", "11Mbps-Wireless-Notebook-Network-Adapter"
  config base 0x0800 mask 0x0001 last_index 0x02
  cftable_entry 0x01 [default]
    [mwait] [pwrdown]
    Vcc Vnom 5V Iavg 250mA Ipeak 250mA Idown 25mA
    timing wait 12us
    io 0x0000-0x001f [lines=5] [16bit]
    irq mask 0xffb8

eric@alube:~$ cat /proc/bus/pccard/drivers
atmel_cs                 1 0

But this card doesn't work for now, because I don't know how to "bind" it in /etc/pcmcia/config :

card "Belkin 11Mbps-Network-Wireless-Notebook-Network-Adapter"
    manfid 0x01bf, 0x3302
    bind "?????"	

# what write here? atmel_cs doesn't work and stop the boot from time to time

/proc/ioports  give :

00000000-007fffff : /pci@f2000000
  00000060-0000006f : i8042
  00001000-000010ff : PCI CardBus #02
  00001400-000014ff : PCI CardBus #02
00802000-01001fff : /pci@f0000000Of course,
  00802400-008024ff : 0000:00:10.0
ff7fe000-ffffdfff : /pci@f4000000

And /proc/interrupts :

  1:        246   OpenPIC   Edge      Built-in Sound out
  2:          0   OpenPIC   Edge      Built-in Sound in
 24:          9   OpenPIC   Level     ide1
 25:     158823   OpenPIC   Level     VIA-PMU
 26:        363   OpenPIC   Level     keywest i2c
 29:         10   OpenPIC   Level     ohci_hcd
 39:      16395   OpenPIC   Level     ide0
 40:          2   OpenPIC   Level     ohci1394
 41:       5145   OpenPIC   Level     eth0
 42:          0   OpenPIC   Level     keywest i2c
 47:       7945   OpenPIC   Level     GPIO1/ADB
 53:          3   OpenPIC   Level     yenta
 61:          2   OpenPIC   Edge      Headphone detect
 63:      61113   OpenPIC   Level     ohci_hcd, ohci_hcd, ehci_hcd
BAD:     146656

Dont work (sure) :

external DVI --> VGA adaptator :

One word about MOL : doesn't even compile, because an userland fb problem. So, I've not the time to investigate more for now. But hfsplus and hfs modules are mowking perfectly (r/w). So I'm happy :-)

The last but not the least :

*about sleep*

First I'm using 2.6.0test11 from BenH

I cannot reproduce the "feature" described above : CapsLock Button is working correctly for me. Be careful, because I'm using a "french_new" with (from XF86Config-4), not the standard configuration :

	Option		"XkbRules"	"xfree86"
	Option		"XkbModel"	"macintosh"
	Option		"XkbLayout"	"fr_new" # clavier Apple

# from Etienne Herlent, the same one as I'm using for my ibook
	Option		"XkbOptions"	"NoDeadKeys"

 my kernel version is the :

Linux alube 2.6.0-test11v2 #1 Thu Dec 4 10:23:18 CET 2003 ppc GNU/Linux
# so called (v2) because the v1 doesn't come from the good tree :-)

Of course, giving all this information I wish they can help someone.

Again, thank you BenH and Muchel Dänzer for your very good work.

Best Regards, eric

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eric b

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