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Re: trouble using IBM 1.4.1 jdk for ppc on Debian


First, sorry for using a borrowed account, my mail server is currently down
since they are doing electricity work at home.

I am trying to run the powerpc ibm (or other) JDK with jboss, like you did
say you did in the other mail, but without sucess so far.

I have downloaded the IBM jdk 1.4.1-1. I have tried using the rpm, and have
alienised it, and installed the resulting package (stuff goes in /opt;
, and doesn't follow the java debian policy though.

Now when trying to build jboss 3.2.2 (or running the prebuilt jboss 3.2.2) i
get an error message.

Apparently java drops core, and ant complains of an illegal instruction at
line 181 of the and file i suppose

Did you do it like i did, or did you do something more subtle (i am not
really a java expert).

Also, using the 1.3 jdk packaged at www.tux.org died with an introspection
error or something like it.


Sven Luther

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