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Re: Regarding GTKPBBUTTONSD and list participation

I hope I'm not one of the strange guys one should normally just ignore
and I will try to answer some of your questions and elaborate below why
I normally would not have bothered to answer them.

Am Mit, den 03.12.2003 schrieb nmp||| um 20:38:
> im amazed how much feedback this thread has got...ITOH my last emails 
> asking for help havent got any attention...yes my fault phps cause im 
> not good enough in stating my problems installing debian for the 1rst 
> time on my ppc...but anyway i wont stop asking, heres my S.Q of the 
> day:
> how can i set the clock to keep its correct time, everytime i boot in 
> OSX i have to change time&date, the same thing when i boot into 
> linux..if i change one the other will be set to the wrong time...and 
> both are set to the same timezone??
You have probably configured your system clock to be GMT in linux. You
can run "tzsetup -g" to change that or edit /etc/default/rcS.
> 2nd S.Q, are those gtkpbbuttonsd only working in gnome?? i have 
> installed powerprefs, pbbutons an their correspondent libs, but im 
> always failing to make install gtkpbbuttonsd..and yes gtk+-2 is also 
> already installed...
I don't use gtkpbbuttonsd or pbuttonsd, but I was wondering why
everybody seems to use these tools. I use acme for this purpose which is
a standard gnome app with a standard gnome control panel and works very
well. Does pbuttonsd have any big advantages?
> i need to get the second mouse button running, and theres no keyboard 
> combination that works neither, thuough i can type emails an manage 
> almost all through the window menus.

see: http://sdb.suse.de/sdb/en/html/poeml_mouse_buttons_emulation.html

There was also a patch once on this list to make ctrl behave like under
macos. Don't have links now, google will be your friend for that.

And please consider this the next time you post a qustion:
- use your real name, I like to know whom I help and I guess your name
is not "nmp|||"
- Don't steal a thread, start a new question with a new mail with now
References header
- at least google before you ask, at least the mouse button emulation is
very easy to find.
- I have some problems to understand your abbrevations what means S.Q.?
(This one is probably not your fault, because my english isn't the best
- consider reading http://www.catb.org/~esr/faqs/smart-questions.html
It's a bit discouraging to newbies and IMHO too hard to them, but if you
follow it I'm quite sure you will get an answer.

Gaudenz, the one who is hoping he can stand the standards he has just
set up.

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