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Re: Regarding GTKPBBUTTONSD and list participation

On Dec 04 2003, Gaudenz Steinlin wrote:
> And please consider this the next time you post a qustion:
> - use your real name, I like to know whom I help and I guess your name
> is not "nmp|||"

I also share the same feelings. I also like to know who I am replying

Another thing is that I usually like to see well edited/composed
e-mails: if I see that the person asking something has not tried to put
his thoughts clearly in a message, then I just skip those messages.

Here I am talking about breaking the messages neatly in paragraphs and
quoting decently. If it takes too much time to read something, then why
should I bother to read them?

Hoping that I also follow my own standards, Roger...

  Rogério Brito - rbrito@ime.usp.br - http://www.ime.usp.br/~rbrito

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