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time is two hours off since 2.4.23-rc5-ben0, vdr and vdradmin


I am running vdr and vdradmin on my G3/300 with Siemens DVB-C card (with debian unstable).

Because I am still having some problems I often try out new kernels and DVB-drivers. At the moment I am running 2.4.23-rc5-ben0 (rsynced from penguinppc). Now my problem:

Since 2.4.23-rc* the vdradmin (a web-server for vdr written in perl) is two hours off. It worked right with a 2.4.22-* kernel. I verified the date and /etc/timezone everything is okay. If I reboot date reports the right time and timezone (CET).

Because I do not know enough about linux and perl I can only guess what is happening: perl date/time-functions using a different API then user-space "date" and one of those APIs has a bug.

Maybe someone with more knowledge of the kernel can look at this?

BTW. Where can I get a rsync-source for a 2.6-*-benh? I only have a rsync-source from Monta Vista.

Christoph Ewering

Dipl. Ing. Christoph Ewering
C & E Mediensysteme GmbH
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