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Re: gconf messed in sid and downgrading

On Sat, 2003-11-29 at 14:07, Jean-Christophe Michel wrote:
> I made the error of upgrading my sid/gnome two days ago.
> This changed gconf2 to 2.4 and i lost evolution-mail;
> one of the messages asked to log out and in again.
> When trying to login into gnome, i was warned the session didn't last
> 10s, because gnome-check-config-2 didn't pass.
> The only way for me to see gnome back was to change
> /usr.lib/gconf2/gnome-check-config-2 and set a stupid script returning 0
> instead. But now i have only evolution, all menus, icons... are messed
> up.
> I know all this is probably related to the repository being broken.

Not so sure, I think I'm running all the 2.4 stuff from sid without

Maybe some GNOME related daemons survived even the logout-login
procedure and are causing problems now? Does the problem persist over a

> What solution can you suggest me to downgrade last upgrade ? local .debs
> were deleted :( 

There's always http://snapshot.debian.net/ .

> and i have no console under gnome.
> Second question: why isn't it possible to have a real console (plain
> screen) with F2 or F3 ? never worked here. Failsafe console is only a
> quarter screen ;(

Doesn't ctrl-alt(-fn)-Fx work for you?

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