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Re: Sleep problems in kernel 2.6 from mvista.com

On Mon, 2003-12-01 at 14:05, Domingo Fiesta Segura wrote:
> Hello all,
> Although is not a Debian-specific matter, I believe this is the place to 
> ask. I have a G3 Ibook with radeon (more details below). Recently I 
> switched to 2.6 branch (rsyncing to source.mvista.com) because I wanted to 
> have XFS in my laptop (I've had very good experiences in the desktop 
> machine). 
> The problem arises when I put the laptop into sleep/suspend. I try it in 
> tow ways: throught pmud and with a small sleep test I have (code listing 
> below, very short). It suspends fine but doesn't finish waking up; I can 
> hear the hard disk initial spin but after that the whole system freezes 
> (not even a network response). It used to happen in some versions of 
> 2.4-benh but not all of them.

It's indeed strange, I would have expected this config to work fine.

Do you have X running ? Same problem if not ? Does the screen come back
up at all or not ?


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