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Re: iBook G4 800MHz configuration

Kernel compiles, like the other benchmarks, are complex and a straight
forward comparison between difference platforms is not really fair.  As
someone pointed out earlier, generating PowerPC code is a more complex
affair than generating x86 code (which I have to admit, I did not know

On my system (8500/G3 375 MHz Sonnet card), I also take about 20 mins to
compile a recent 2.4 kernel.  My hard drives (SCSI-2) give about 5 MB/s
on hdparm tests, and the overall system bus is 50 MHz.  But I do have 1
G of RAM and I think that helps with the compile time on this system.



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On Tue, 25 Nov 2003, Ken Moffat wrote:

> On Tue, 25 Nov 2003 ioguix@free.fr wrote:
>> Another thing (I'm very new under ppc arch), is it normal that the
>> kernel compilation takes more that 20minutes to finish?? With a basic
>> configuration, it took 10mins on a i386 arch with a 850Mhz...If
>> someone can shortly learn me some things about the ppc processor, it
>> could be very nice :)
> It feels as if it takes a lot longer than that on a G3 500Mhz iBook.
> I've always put most of it down to the slow (4200rpm) drive, but it's
> maybe worth running hdparm to see if you can tweak the speed.  Mine
> also has the 66Mhz memory, but I guess yours should be better there.

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