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Re: wakeup mess up function keys on powerbook

On Sat, 2003-11-22 at 11:49, Stefano Zacchiroli wrote:

does this mean the mailing lists are back online ?

> [ Please Cc me on answers, I'm not subscribed ]
> Hi all,
>   I've a powerbook g4 and I've ever used just pbbuttonsd for power
> management. Since a while I've started using both pbbuttonsd and pmud
> configuring pbbuttonsd so that it doesn't replace pmud.
> I use pbbuttonsd so that the function keys work as on standard keyboard
> and special keys (like volume, brightness, ...) are triggered by fn key.
> (kbdmode = fkeysfirst in /etc/pbbuttonsd.conf).
> The problem I'm having is that apparently at random during wakeup from
> standby the function keys is switched to fkeyslast. To restore the
> behaviour I want I need to restard pbbuttonsd.
> I've digged a bit in /etc/power/pwrctl and in /etc/apm/event.d/ (since I
> execute script from there invoking run-parts from pwrctl_local) but I'm
> unable to understand who trigger this behaviour.
> Anyone else has ever had a similar problem?

Actually I am converting from pmud -> pbbuttonsd. And I am now convinced
that it 100% substitutes pmud. However I have been experiencing the
exact same problems that you do now when I was using pmud+pbbuttonsd,
which was why I restarted pbbuttonsd on every wakeup via the pmud
pwrctl-local script...


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