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Re[2]: 2002 iBook / Xfree 4.2 artefacts

> For one, radeon DRI didn't work on PPC yet in XFree86 4.2.
Several messages I've googled upon while trying to find a soultion suggested that 4.3.0 corrected this. 

> Weird, sounds like endianness breakage or the chip going nuts in
> general. Does this persist over a reboot?
The bevhavior is fairly strange in this respect. It persists over multiple reboots and/or powercycles, however leaving the system off for several hours generally corrects the problem or reduces the severity of the effect. 
However, on occassion the problem escalates to a complete breakage of the palette and inversion or shift of some colors -- for instance, my purple background fvwm2 may appear orange-green  or grayish-blue at times. This also persists over a reboot, however getting the iBook to sleep through pmud sometimes causes it to revert to a less severe state (as pictured here: http://homepages.stuy.edu/~akoukarkine/artefacts/artefacts.html, for example).
None of these effects are visible upon rebooting into OS X (Panther), and they do not manifest after running Panther for several hours continuously, which suggests the hardware isn't faulty. I also ran the VRAM tests included on the Apple hardware test CD, and they came up clean. Rebooting into OS X then back into Linux does not solve the problem. 

> The server log would be more interesting.
Here it is, I guess I had forgotten to attach it:

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