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Re: 2002 iBook / Xfree 4.2 artefacts

On Fri, 2003-11-14 at 22:29, "?zthanТoi8-r?Q?" wrote:
> X is behaving very oddly on my 2002 700Mhz iBook (radeon m6 LW) running 
> 2.6.0-test9/unstable. At first, it worked without any problems (aside 
> from DRI hard-locking the system, but that's probably a kernel issue). 

For one, radeon DRI didn't work on PPC yet in XFree86 4.2.

> However, after several hours and several X restarts it dropped into what 
> appears to be 16 color mode, with all fonts appearing very strange 
> (probably because it can't do subpixel rendering properly). Bright 
> (usually red or brown) images occasionally seem to have "defective" 
> glowing red pixels, but killing X leaves a clean screen. Also, the mouse 
> sometimes leaves a visible trail for a fraction of a second. 

Weird, sounds like endianness breakage or the chip going nuts in
general. Does this persist over a reboot?

> The only error message that I can see is unresolved symbols in radeon_drv 
> (drmUnmap). 

Harmless and unrelated.

> XF86Config is attached.

The server log would be more interesting.

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