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Re: st15150n (4GB FAST SCSI hard disk) problems on an 8500

On Tue, Oct 14, 2003 at 12:27:29AM -0800, dylan wrote:
> few days ago tried installing woody onto an 8500.
> found out that there was some bad ram, so i tried the same HD in a different
> 8500 with NEW RAM (256MB).
> install went just fine, however, the kernel would report SCSI disk errors at
> random intervals (often when booting).... i was able to get the base system
> installed, however the machine crashed a few times while trying to extract
> the kernel src from a tar archive. (reporting numerous SCSI errors on the
> main consol)....
> i have tested this drive like crazy... and it *seems* fine.... linux seems
> to install without any problems onto Apple firmware HDs...however all of the
> ones that i have are only 2GB... and i would like to take advantage of this
> fast 4gb Seagate....

I had a lot of problems with external SCSI Mac drives and linux like this.
At one point I blamed it on not having the connector properly screwed in.
But I think maybe the timing on the external SCSI bus on oldworlds might
be difficult for the kernel to deal with somehow. Perhaps there is some
way of tuning this with hdparm or something?

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