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Re: Setting OpenFirmware boot params on a 6500

On Mon, Oct 13, 2003 at 05:42:02AM -0700, Chris Tillman wrote:
> If you set the partition type as HFS in mac-fdisk, and use hformat to
> put a file system on it, maybe MacOS will try to mount it and offer to
> initialize it. Then you can just drag the System Folder over to install
> MacOS 9.

You will need all the appropriate driver partitions for OS9 or earlier
to be able to mount an HFS or HFS+ filesystem on your drive. For example,
my G4 has the following:

/dev/hda2          Apple_Driver43 Macintosh                54 @ 64       ( 27.0k)  Driver 4.3
/dev/hda3          Apple_Driver43 Macintosh                74 @ 118      ( 37.0k)  Driver 4.3
/dev/hda4        Apple_Driver_ATA Macintosh                54 @ 192      ( 27.0k)  Unknown
/dev/hda5        Apple_Driver_ATA Macintosh                74 @ 246      ( 37.0k)  Unknown
/dev/hda6          Apple_FWDriver Macintosh               200 @ 320      (100.0k)  Unknown
/dev/hda7      Apple_Driver_IOKit Macintosh               512 @ 520      (256.0k)  Unknown
/dev/hda8           Apple_Patches Patch Partition         512 @ 1032     (256.0k)  Unknown

Most of these wouldn't be needed in normal usage. The ones you need are
the ones that match the interface type used to mount the disk. Note that
in some cases that isn't the physical interface used by the disk. In
particular, this drive is normally used as a local IDE disk. That means
I'm using the *_ATA drivers. However, if I mount this drive with the
firewire target disk mode, it will be a firewire disk as far as the
other system is concerned, and will use the *_FWDriver one. My laptop
has an IDE drive, but can be mounted in SCSI target disk mode, so it
would use the *_ATA driver in the MacOS running locally, or the *43
drivers on a Mac that mounted it. The Apple_Driver43 is a reference
to the most recent version of the Macintosh SCSI Manager. I suppose
the *_IOKit one is something related to OSX. The Apple_Patches one
is related to updates that didn't require rewriting the whole thing.

However, any classic MacOS (or old-world ROM) will choke on a drive
with a Mac style partition map without the driver partitions for the
access method it thinks it is using. This is why we don't have a
bootable CD for old-world models.

	Brad Boyer

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