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quik kernel size limit

Hi all,

Recently it was discussed here whether quik has a limit on kernel size.

Well, while playing with 2.6 kernels I found out: yes, quik _does_ have
a limit on kernel size. It is exactly 3981312 bytes. In fact, quik
allocates a fixed-size buffer in which the kernel is loaded, and that
buffer is from 0x14000 to SECOND_BASE (second/main.c), and SECOND_BASE
is 0x3e0000 (include/layout.h).

I also didn't find any support for compressed kernels in quik, except if
they were self-decompressiong (are our compressed kernels?).

Incidentaly, there's a bug in second/file.c, in load_file(), where a
device path is predefined as '/dev/sdaX', 'X' being replaced later with
partno+'0', thus limiting working partition numbers to 1-9, and
overwriting the terminating \0 on larger partition numbers.



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