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Original iMac Flat-Panel and X

Hey all!

I feel unbelievably stupid for writing this, but I'm at the end of my rope. Long-time linux user here, new to the ppc linux world. I've always been a Debian fan, too, but debian-ppc is a whole 'nother ball game it seems.

I have one of the original iMac flat-panel machines -- before the 17-inch even came out, which has the nVidia Geforce 2 and the 1024x768 flat panel screen with 32MB of video RAM, and I'm having one heck of a time getting X to work.

First of all, on boot the framebuffer looks screwy to start with...tux is all pink and green and gross looking. I try to install the rivafb module, but it won't install for reasons unknown. When I try to get X working (using the "nv" driver), I hose the fb so badly I have to ssh in to reboot (pink and blue lines, nonsense changes in color). The "fbdev" driver doesn't even find any screens.

I originally tried this on 3.0, now I've moved on to unstable and am getting the same results. What gives? Any ideas?

As an interesting side note, even the YellowDog GUI installer doesn't seem to work on this machine (garbled and with no v-hold). Is there something still beta-quality in the rev1 iMac flat-panels? Yes, I contemplated installing YD, but only to snatch their kernel config since I have no idea what the kernel options are on ppc yet.

Anyway, I'm sure this is a question that comes up every fifteen minutes or so, so apologies for wasting people's time if I'm being dumb. I promise to help the next newbie out. :-)


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