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Re: Problems Installing Debian on a IBM Workstation

Woody said:
>> It is CHRP.  You need a "zImage.chrp-rs6k" image.  Try one and report
>> back...
> Thanks for your help...
> Tried the image I found at http://penguinppc.org/~olaf/2.4.6/
> Wrote it on disk using rawrite
> Booted IBM into open firmware (by pressing F8)
> hacked in: boot floppy
> a short screen flicker and that's all.
> It seems like the machine won't recognize this disk as a boot disk.....

You need to be a little more precise.  Did the machine return to the
OF prompt?  After how long (a second, or a minute)?  I think the 150
has an LED display, did it display any values during this time?



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