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Re: Problems Installing Debian on a IBM Workstation

> You need to be a little more precise.  Did the machine return to the
> OF prompt?  After how long (a second, or a minute)?  I think the 150
> has an LED display, did it display any values during this time?
> Cheers,
> Leigh.
Thanks for your answer...

OK, I'll document this procedure a little bit more in detail.....

First of all I wait until E1F1 lits in the display, hectically pressing F8
in order to get into OF
Ok, the Prompt says...

    0 > _

I enter:

    boot floppy

The LED switches to E14D
The Floppy searches for something (I guess)

after about 2 seconds the screen flashes (one time)
The LED switches to E1F7

thats it...
The prompt shows:

    0 > boot floppy
    0 > _

and I can repeat this every time :)

I'm afraid I got to go for an important meeting and therefore I'll be away
one week. Unfortunatelly I haven't access to the internet during this
meeting and my RS6k resides home :)
Therefore I can't answer any further messages for another week. But I'll be
glad to hear from you in one week again...

Thanks for your patience...


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