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How to enable java plugin in web browser for PBG4

Hi all,

What combination of java and web browser enables the java plugin for Debian unstable on a PowerPC G4 12"?

For webbrowsers: mozilla, konqueror, epiphany (=gnome browser)
For Java distro: Sun, Blackdown
For Java version: 1.3, 1.4.1

IBM's java 1.4.1 hasn't got a web plugin, so there is no use lokking into that. Blackdown 1.3 hase ony but returns this error with epiphany:

LoadPlugin: failed to initialize shared library
/usr/lib/j2se/1.3/jre/plugin/ppc/mozilla/javaplugin_oji.so [/usr/lib/j2se/1.3/jre/plugin/ppc/mozilla/javaplugin_oji.so: undefined symbol: __pure_virtual]

Any other experiences out there for combinations that work or don't work?



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