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Re: Original iMac Flat-Panel and X

El sáb, 11-10-2003 a las 22:32, Adam Bell escribió:
> Hey all!


> I feel unbelievably stupid for writing this, but I'm at the end of my 
> rope.  Long-time linux user here, new to the ppc linux world.  I've 
> always been a Debian fan, too, but debian-ppc is a whole 'nother ball 
> game it seems.
> I have one of the original iMac flat-panel machines -- before the 
> 17-inch even came out, which has the nVidia Geforce 2 and the 1024x768 
> flat panel screen with 32MB of video RAM, and I'm having one heck of a 
> time getting X to work.

Just like me.

> First of all, on boot the framebuffer looks screwy to start with...tux 
> is all pink and green and gross looking.  I try to install the rivafb 
> module, but it won't install for reasons unknown.  When I try to get X 
> working (using the "nv" driver), I hose the fb so badly I have to ssh 
> in to reboot (pink and blue lines, nonsense changes in color).  The 
> "fbdev" driver doesn't even find any screens.

You need a kernel update.

Look for the latest benh's kernel

The one I'm using is here: http://carlos.pemas.net/debian/kernel/ but I
have problems with the "special" keys (up/down/mute volume and eject

> I originally tried this on 3.0, now I've moved on to unstable and am 
> getting the same results.  What gives?  Any ideas?

New kernel and also new XFree (I'm using the 4.3 prerelease from
deb http://http.us.debian.org/debian/ ../project/experimental main

You have attached my XF86Config-4 file.

It works without problems here, but without 3D acceleration, of course.

> As an interesting side note, even the YellowDog GUI installer doesn't 
> seem to work on this machine (garbled and with no v-hold).  Is there 
> something still beta-quality in the rev1 iMac flat-panels?  Yes, I 
> contemplated installing YD, but only to snatch their kernel config 
> since I have no idea what the kernel options are on ppc yet.
> Anyway, I'm sure this is a question that comes up every fifteen minutes 
> or so, so apologies for wasting people's time if I'm being dumb.  I 
> promise to help the next newbie out.  :-)
> Adam


Carlos Perelló Marín
Debian GNU/Linux Sid (PowerPC)
Linux Registered User #121232
mailto:carlos@pemas.net || mailto:carlos@gnome.org
Valencia - Spain
# XF86Config-4 (XFree86 server configuration file) generated by dexconf, the
# Debian X Configuration tool, using values from the debconf database.
# Edit this file with caution, and see the XF86Config-4 manual page.
# (Type "man XF86Config-4" at the shell prompt.)
# If you want your changes to this file preserved by dexconf, only make changes
# before the "### BEGIN DEBCONF SECTION" line above, and/or after the
# "### END DEBCONF SECTION" line below.
# To change things within the debconf section, run the command:
#   dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xfree86
# as root.  Also see "How do I add custom sections to a dexconf-generated
# XF86Config or XF86Config-4 file?" in /usr/share/doc/xfree86-common/FAQ.gz.

Section "Files"
	FontPath	"unix/:7100"			# local font server
	# if the local font server has problems, we can fall back on these
	FontPath	"/usr/lib/X11/fonts/Type1"
	FontPath	"/usr/lib/X11/fonts/CID"
	FontPath	"/usr/lib/X11/fonts/Speedo"
	FontPath	"/usr/lib/X11/fonts/misc"
	FontPath	"/usr/lib/X11/fonts/cyrillic"
	FontPath	"/usr/lib/X11/fonts/100dpi"
	FontPath	"/usr/lib/X11/fonts/75dpi"

Section "Module"
	Load	"GLcore"
	Load	"bitmap"
	Load	"dbe"
	Load	"ddc"
	Load	"dri"
	Load	"extmod"
	Load	"freetype"
	Load	"glx"
	Load	"int10"
	Load	"record"
	Load	"speedo"
	Load	"type1"
	Load	"vbe"

Section "InputDevice"
	Identifier	"Generic Keyboard"
	Driver		"keyboard"
	Option		"CoreKeyboard"
	Option		"XkbRules"	"xfree86"
	Option		"XkbModel"	"pc105"
	Option		"XkbLayout"	"es"

Section "InputDevice"
	Identifier	"Configured Mouse"
	Driver		"mouse"
	Option		"CorePointer"
	Option		"Device"		"/dev/input/mice"
	Option		"Protocol"		"ImPS/2"
	Option		"Emulate3Buttons"	"true"
	Option		"ZAxisMapping"		"4 5"

Section "Device"
	Identifier	"NVIDIA Corporation GeForce [NV11]"
	Driver		"nv"
	BusID		"PCI:0:16:0"

Section "Monitor"
	Identifier	"Generic Monitor"
	HorizSync	30-60
	VertRefresh	50-75
	Option		"FlatPanel"

Section "Screen"
	Identifier	"Default Screen"
	Device		"NVIDIA Corporation GeForce [NV11]"
	Monitor		"Generic Monitor"
	DefaultDepth	24
	SubSection "Display"
		Depth		1
		Modes		"1024x768" "800x600" "640x480"
	SubSection "Display"
		Depth		4
		Modes		"1024x768" "800x600" "640x480"
	SubSection "Display"
		Depth		8
		Modes		"1024x768" "800x600" "640x480"
	SubSection "Display"
		Depth		15
		Modes		"1024x768" "800x600" "640x480"
	SubSection "Display"
		Depth		16
		Modes		"1024x768" "800x600" "640x480"
	SubSection "Display"
		Depth		24
		Modes		"1024x768" "800x600" "640x480"

Section "ServerLayout"
	Identifier	"Default Layout"
	Screen		"Default Screen"
	InputDevice	"Generic Keyboard"
	InputDevice	"Configured Mouse"

Section "DRI"
	Mode	0666


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