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Re: Install on a 7200/90 - blank screen

Chris Tillman wrote:

On Thu, Oct 09, 2003 at 11:58:35AM +0100, I said:
...believe that I need to use the boot-video-ofonly.img or apply a perl script byt the name of patch-floopy-image.pl to the original image, but I can't find either anywhere (well, not on the debian.org site anyway). Can somebody point me in the right direction or supply me with either the script or img, because I'm stuck.

Look in http://cvs.debian.org/boot-floppies/powerpc-specials/miBoot/

I think you might be right, good luck!

Thanks for that link, Chris! It turns out the video=ofonly option is already in the default bootfloppy, so applying that patch didn't help, but I was able to put together a new floppy from the System.bin, Finder.bin, hfs-bootblock.b files in CVS and the zImage on the standard floppy using the mkboot.sh script. The screen is rather dark (very much so in fact, had to turn brightness and colour right up to see anything at all), but it's installing happily now.



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