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Re: di & IBM CHRP

Rolf Brudeseth wrote:

- Where can I download the di initrd for CHRP. I plan to perform a network
install. Boot through BOOTP and NFS mount the initrd.
There is no special initrd for CHRP at the moment (don't know if this is needed). You can extract the inird from the popwerpc images on http://gluck.debian.org/cdimage/testing/netinst/powerpc/ or just test if it works with the cd.
Alternatively you can check-out the d-i cvs and build your own initrd.

Having the installer root on NFS should be possible in theory. AFAIK no one has tested it yet. So you may be better off using a normal initrd. Is it possible to load an initrd with your bootloader or do have to compile the initrd into the kernel?

- I understand that the kernel should be compiled with unique settings in
the config file to support di features. Can someone send me the output of a
'diff' between the standard kernel config file appropriate for Apple CHRP
boxes and the one that is modified for di support.
d-i uses the standard debian kernel. Most important is, that you have devfs compiled in. You should also use the exact same kernel version as used to build the initrd because otherwise the kernel modules on the initrd won't load. If you can boot with the standard kernel it's probably the easiest to test with them.


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