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Subject: Power management support in ALSA PowerMac audio driver?

I've recently acquired (ok, my employer purchased off eBay) a PowerBook
Pismo, which I installed Debian on. I've got pretty much everything
running nicely - DVD/multimedia playback, wireless networking, PCMCIA,
power management, etc. I'd like to switch to the ALSA driver for sound
support, but from what I've been able to gather, it doesn't sound like
the ALSA AWACS/PowerMac driver has any support for power management
features. Is this the case? If so, does anyone know why not, and/or if
someone is working on incorporating power management functionality into
the driver? I've fought with the dmasound driver in the kernel before,
so if I could use the ALSA driver instead, and still be able to suspend
my laptop, I'd definitely prefer that.

Derrik Pates
I sent a reply to this a few days ago and it seems not to have
gotten posted. On that post I pasted text from a post moth or two 
previous. I cant now find where I stored that info. 
It was a post about alsa causing crash at awake. the problem was the 
modules were not unloading. the fix was a script written for pmuds
local-pwrctl. the script unloded alsa modules at sleep and 
loaded them on wake. When (if) I find where I saved that script 
I will reply again.

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